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Here you can find the current special offers and discounts that are available. Give someone (or youself!) a fantastic winter or Christmas treat with one of these great special offers.

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Youth & Junior Sports Injuries

When helping children and young people with sports injuries, it's important to remember that children are not just little adults, and this is something that is often forgotten or overlooked. A child’s anatomy, physiology and psychology are different, and these differences are important in sports medicine and sports injuries, in the assessment, diganosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries in children and young people.

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Sports Therapy, Sports Massage & Health Insurance

Healthcare cash plans are insurance policies that instead of covering for treatment of acute medical conditions, help pay for the cost of routine healthcare such as going to the dentist, opticians, physio or in some cases, sports therapy and sports massage. You will be required to provide a receipt to your plan provider in order to claim reimbursement, and I am happy ro provide this.

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Customised Foot Orthotic Insoles

I am excited to announce that I am now able to create customised foot orthotic insoles in my clinic to help with your foot and ankle pain, or any sports injury where the foot or ankle may be involved.

After recently spending time with and learning from one of the most forward thinking Podiatrists in the country, and taking the time to source the best materials, I can now create customised foot orthotic insoles tailored to your meet the needs of your feet and help resolve all your painful problems and sports injuries.

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