Customised Foot Orthotic Insoles

I am excited to announce that I am now able to create customised foot orthotic insoles in my clinic to help with your foot and ankle pain, or any sports injury where the foot or ankle may be involved.

After recently spending time with and learning from one of the most forward thinking Podiatrists in the country, and taking the time to source the best materials, I can now create customised foot orthotic insoles tailored to your meet the needs of your feet and help resolve all your painful problems and sports injuries.

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What the Func is Functional Training?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably at least a little a bit interested in training, so you’ve probably at least heard of functional training. It’s everywhere. Every gym has a functional zone. Apparently every personal trainer is a functional training expert. You can buy books and DVDs about it. But do you know just what functional training really is? Does your personal trainer even know? Many personal trainers simply choose an exercise that looks cool (probably from the latest little workshop they've been on), gets lots of muscles and joints working, and uses the latest bit of kit they’ve bought. I know, I’ve been there and done it in the past. But is it really functional?

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Supplements for Fat Loss

There are so many supplements available which all claim to be the next big thing for fat loss, but which ones are worth using and which ones are safe to use? When my clients ask me which fat loss supplements are worth taking, my answer is always short and it's always the same. There are only a handful of supplements which have any kind of respectable research or evidence to back them up, and all the others are at best based on a vague theory and at worst have no basis at all. Keep reading to find out which Fat Loss Supplements are worth using. But don't forget, supplements should be the final piece of your fat loss plan, so if you're not sure if your diet and training are up to scratch, make sure you read my Training for Fat Loss & Eating for Fat Loss articles as well.

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Golf Fitness Training

Do you struggle to implement the tips from your golf coach?

Restrictions and dysfunctions within the body could be holding you back.

Are you worried about the risk of golf related injuries? Or old injuries returning?

As a Graduate Sports Therapist & Golf Fitness Specialist (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine), I can do much more than just help you recover from injuries and prevent injuries; I can help you improve your game by increasing your club head speed, carry distance and swing consistency, and reducing not oinly your handicap but also time away from the course because you will have fewer injuries! 

The process begins with the most detailed & in-depth Golf specific assessment you will ever have. This will identify your restrictions, dysfunctions and limitations, and guide the development of your personalized bespoke golf fitness exercise program. The assessment will screen for current injuries you may not be aware of, as well as looking at:

  • core stability
  • balance
  • mobility / flexibility
  • strength
  • power
  • movememnt patterns

To find out more about what is involved with the assessment itself, how and where you can perform the trainig programs, and prices, have a look at the Sport Specific Assessment page, or get in touch!

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