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Although the wider world has largely stopped using face masks and other forms of PPE, as Sports Therapy is a close contact service with a high duty of care to all our patients, we have NOT been advised that we can stop using PPE. And from a personal perspective, I feel that the higher levels of infection control achieved with PPE are worthwhile continuing for the longer term, even for more common infections such flu and the common cold. As such, I will continue to use PPE for the foreseeable future, and I will also continue to ask all patients to wear face masks for all Sports Injury assessment, therapy and rehab appointments.

As an alternative, video calls as a stand alone intervention proved very poplular and successful during the first lock down, as a method of managing many injuries and more minor issues that may not require any in-person or hands-on interventions. If you have a new sports injury, or are a new patient, and would like to discuss how we can assess and treat your problem, please still get in touch.

Obviously, if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, or become aware that you have been exposed to the virus, for example by the NHS Track & Trace system, we will need to cancel or postpone your appointment.

I have completed numerous training courses over the last few months to help ensure your safety, most of which are provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and evidence of the completed training courses can be found at the bottom of this page. I have also assessed the risks that may be encountered in the practise of sports therapy in my clinic, and have made plans to reduce these risks as far as possible. You can see the full Risk Assessment here, and you can read the full Infection Control Policy here.

Hopefully see you soon!

Click these links to open evidence for Covid-19 specific training:

WHO Covid19 Infection Prevention & Control

WHO Covid19 Using PPE

WHO Hand Hygiene

WHO Cleaning & Disinfection

Infection Prevention & Control - Lubas Medical

Sports Therapy, Sports Massage & Health Insurance

Healthcare cash plans are insurance policies that instead of covering for treatment of acute medical conditions, help pay for the cost of routine healthcare such as going to the dentist, opticians, physio or in some cases, sports therapy and sports massage. You will be required to provide a receipt to your plan provider in order to claim reimbursement, and I am happy ro provide this.

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Customised Foot Orthotic Insoles

I am excited to announce that I am now able to create customised foot orthotic insoles in my clinic to help with your foot and ankle pain, or any sports injury where the foot or ankle may be involved.

After recently spending time with and learning from one of the most forward thinking Podiatrists in the country, and taking the time to source the best materials, I can now create customised foot orthotic insoles tailored to your meet the needs of your feet and help resolve all your painful problems and sports injuries.

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What the Func is Functional Training?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably at least a little a bit interested in training, so you’ve probably at least heard of functional training. It’s everywhere. Every gym has a functional zone. Apparently every personal trainer is a functional training expert. You can buy books and DVDs about it. But do you know just what functional training really is? Does your personal trainer even know? Many personal trainers simply choose an exercise that looks cool (probably from the latest little workshop they've been on), gets lots of muscles and joints working, and uses the latest bit of kit they’ve bought. I know, I’ve been there and done it in the past. But is it really functional?

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