Personal Training

Many people have health or sport related fitness goals, but at the same time have some degree of restriction or pain that may prevent them from reaching that goal. Whether you enjoy just being fit, active and healthy, or love a particular sport and want to really see how far you can push yourself, I can help you like I have previously helped many other people from all walks of life with many different goals.

Unfortunately, many personal trainers fail to include a proper assessment of posture or movement, and do not address postural imbalances, or movement restrictions and deficiencies. You wouldn’t drive a car across country without first doing some important basic checks, would you? The same should apply when beginning a training program.

I specialise in identifying posture & movement faults, muscle imbalances and joint restrictions and helping you learn how to to correct them for life. The focus is on movements designed to create balance, stability, and/or mobility in areas that are not functioning properly. It’s about choosing the right exercises for your posture, activity level and personal health history; knowing when and how to progress them and making sure they are performed with proper technique. Ultimately, it’s about getting you moving, playing and living as efficiently and as pain free as possible.

In everyday life, we are constantly doing activities that create imbalances in our bodies, and for many of us the amount of physical activity we take part in has decreased. From sleeping on one side, sitting for long periods of time, or participating in sports like tennis and golf, our bodies slowly develop restrictions and weaknesses that eventually lead to asymmetry in our posture and movement.  These posture and movement imbalances can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on our muscles and joints and make us more susceptible to chronic pain and injuries. It's the same as when the engine timing or wheel tracking is not quite right on your car. There's nothing broken, it's just not working quite as well as it could be. But if you leave it for too long, something will need fixing!

To find how I can help you overcome the weaknesses and restrictions that are holding you back, contact me here.