Golf Fitness Training

Do you struggle to implement the tips from your golf coach?

Are you worried about the risk of golf related injuries? Or old injuries returning?

Restrictions and dysfunctions within the body could be holding you back, and putting you at risk of injury.

I'm lookng for a handful of commited Golfers that want to unlock their body, find their best swing and and reach their full potential, al while staying on the course pain free. Is that you? Get in touch now.

As a Graduate Sports Therapist & Golf Fitness Specialist (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine), I can do much more than just help you recover from injuries and prevent injuries; I can help you improve your game by increasing your club head speed, carry distance and swing consistency, and reducing not oinly your handicap but also time away from the course because you will have fewer injuries! 

The process begins with the most detailed & in-depth Golf specific assessment you will ever have. This will identify your restrictions, dysfunctions and limitations, and guide the development of your personalized bespoke golf fitness exercise program. The assessment will screen for current injuries you may not be aware of, as well as looking at:

  • core stability
  • balance
  • mobility / flexibility
  • strength
  • power
  • movememnt patterns

To find out more about what is involved with the assessment itself, how and where you can perform the trainig programs, and prices, have a look at the Sport Specific Assessment page, or get in touch!