Sports Therapy & Spine Mobility for Golf

I am often invited to talk to golfers about just exactly what Sports Therapy is, and how it can help golfers play better golf. First of all, it can not only help you overcome any current injuries or issues that may be interferring with your golf, but also help prevent future injuries. Secondly, it can help address any restrictions or limitations in your body that may be hindering your golf, such as Spinal Mobility. Below are some of the key points I talk about, and a video of some of my favourite spinal mobility exercises.

 I would suggest performing two to three sets, each of 15-20 repetitions, of the first two exercises, and two to three sets, each of 12-15 repetitions, of the the third exercise, every day. As prepeartion for a round of golf, I would suggest performing about half the number of all three exercises.