About me

Hi, I'm Chris and I am the face behind CPM Sports. I have been studying the human body, and helping people overcome injuries and pain, for two decades, completing a Bachelors degree, a Master's degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Gloucestershire, and a number of diplomas & certifcations in Personal Training & Sports Massage. I run my Sports Therapy clinic based in Gloucester, specialising in Golf InjuriesRunning Injuries, and Youth & Junior Injuries.

My Philosophy

Throughout my career, I have always been amazed by the ability of the human body to deal with all the abuse and neglect that it has to cope with from all of us every day. But eventually the body needs a helping hand, and my approach to this begins with a full assessment not just of the problematic joints and muscles, but also of the movement patterns involved. Too many therapists and trainers don't (or can't) perform a suitable assessment, and guess at the cause of the problem with only a limited view of the full picture.

After a complete assessment, I will develop a fully individualised and integrated program of hands-on therapy and rehabilitative or corrective exercise to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, while fitting into your busy life. Finally, you will receive preventative exercises and advice to stop the problem returning, or we can continue with more advanced training techniques to help improve your fitness and overall quality of life, or increase your sporting performance.

My goal is to help you manage and prevent injuries yourself, as much as possible. Sometimes advice, guidance and supervision is needed for an extended period of time, but this is always discussed in advance. Unlike some other types of therapists, I will not keep you coming back every few weeks for the rest of your life. This is never a good rehab plan, but it is a brilliant business model for them. Never forget that.

My Background

I have been a sportsman my whole life, in all sorts of sports from rugby & athletics to surfing & mountain biking, which has become my life's passion (after my family). 

I am currently an Associate Lecturer at the University Of Worcester, and as a certified teacher, I travel all over the country teaching sports massage for Sports Performance Services (one of the leading providers in the UK). I have also previously taught at Cardiff Metropolitan University (formerly UWIC), the University of Gloucestershire, the University of Cardiff, and at the prestigious RAF College Cranwell. 

Over this time I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life, athletes and non-athletes alike, to eradicate pain, rehabilitate and prevent injuries, improve their fitness and function, and generally improve their quality of life and increase their sporting performance. 

I am a memeber of the Society of Sports Therapists and the Sports Massage Association, and my qualifications include:

  • Master's degree with Merit (MSc) in Sports Therapy
  • BSc(Hons) Sports Coaching
  • Certificate in Higher Education in Sports Massage
  • Certificate in Teaching (CTLLS)
  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • NASM Specialist in Golf Fitness; Youth Fitness.
  • Fascial Manipulation Level 1
  • Kinesio Taping
  • UKSCA Planning Effective Programs; Plyometrics Agility & Speed; Improving Sports Performance.

I have also trained under a number of leading international physiotherapists and other sports medicine professionals, in a number of specialist areas. These include:

  • Clinical Neck Rehabilitation (Chris Worsfold, specialist physiotherapist)
  • Foot & Ankle Assessment for Gait Dysfunction & Injury (Paul Harradine PhD, podiatrist & author)
  • Running Repairs (Tom Goom, specialist running physiotherapist)
  • Paediatric & Adolescent MSK Disorders (Tom Quantrell, specialist physiotherapist)
  • Assessment & Return to Sport in the Junior Athlete (Angela Jackson, specialist physiotherapist).

To find out how I can help you, or more information, please contact me here.