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 The current special offers are:

Summer Care Package

Got a busy summer looming large on the horizon? This is the time to start thinking about looking after yourself (and your legs) a little better. And what better way to do that than with regular Sports Massage?! Reduce inflammation from training, recover more quickly, and just feel a while load better.

Get three 60 minute Sports Massage treatments for just £99  (one treatment per calendar month). Contact me to now to book your first treatment, and pay securely via PayPal.

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 FREE  Sports Massage with any purchase, just SHARE this page on Facebook or Twitter (or if you don't do social media, just email this page to a friend you think might like it and include me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • free 30 minute treatment with purchase of a single 60 minute session
  • free 45 minute treatment with purchase of a Golf or Running Specific Assessment
  • free 60 minute treatment with every 10 sessions purchased


The standard deal is:

Single sessions of 60 minutes are £45 (suitable for intial injury assessment, extended injury follow-up/treatment, Sports Massage of multiple areas).

Single sessions of 30 minutes are £25 (suitable for short injury follow up/treatment, Sports Massage to single area).

Sport Specific Assessment for Golf or Running, including written program and familiarisation session:

  • initial assessment = £99
  • subsequent programs = £69

Long term packages consisting of 60 minute sessions, are suitable for Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention, regular Sports Massage (or other treatment), Personal Training (strength, fitness, mobility, health, sports, core etc):

  • 5 sessions = £210 (save £15)
  • 10 sessions = £405 (save 10% / £45)
  • 20 sessions = £765 (save 15% / £135) 
  • 30 sessions = £1080 (save 20% / £270)

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